Case 2: Cement Application

Welding custom industrial fans

Case 2: Cement Application

This plant was experiencing a buildup of process material on the blades of their 117” Raw Mill Fan. This buildup was causing vibration problems and the fan was being shut down three to four times a week to be cleaned. When these shutdowns occurred, production was stopped.


Robinson worked on the problem in the lab, testing different blade angles until arriving at a satisfactory backward curved fan wheel for this application. Robinson Service had a crew remove the existing wheel and cut the old wheel from the shaft and hub for reuse. Robinson Fans concurrently built the new wheel and when the shaft and hub arrived, assembled and returned the new unit to the plant site. At the plant site, Robinson Service reassembled the fan to online status.


The plant put this unit back into production and the buildup problem no longer existed. This was accomplished through the utilization of the years of experience and highly trained people at Robinson who continually strive for excellence.