Case 3: Resource Recovery

Custom fan wheel construction

Power | Southeastern Power Plant


Two large Induced Draft Fans were showing signs of metal fatigue in the blades and web plates of both rotors, excessive wear was found in the bearing journal areas and casing scroll liners. The two Forced Draft Fans had excessive wear in the bearing journals of both units.


Robinson Fans Service and Equipment Company, Inc. met with plant personnel and it was decided that Robinson would build and install new rotors, inlet pieces, and supply new chrome carbide scroll and cheek plate liners for the l.D. Fans and to re-surface all journals on the F.D. Fans, in place using a Robinson Fans Service and Equipment Company, Inc. field crew.


Robinson completed all projects ahead of plant’s planned schedule and all parts were fabricated prior to the scheduled outage.This is just one of the many projects where Robinson repaired and replaced another manufacturer’s equipment.