Case Study 2 – Baghouse

Grinding custom fan parts

Case Study 2 – Baghouse


The 94” Baghouse induced draft fan housing was worn extensively to the point that the side walls collapsed under pressure, allowing one of the inlet cones to be forced into the fan wheel. This resulted in the total failure of the unit.


All new components were purchased from Robinson Fans and shipped to the job site. The customer contacted Robinson Service. We dispatched a crew and immediately began the removal of all of the old equipment. After removal, the site was prepared for the installation of the new fan housing, wheel and dampers. The new unit was completely reassembled and brought back to “online” status.


The customer was able to achieve all aspects of the repairs he needed including demolition, installation, grouting of the housing, bearing assembly, precision alignment and balancing of the fan after start-up. All of this was accomplished with one well-placed phone call to the company who offers “one-source responsibility.” Call us and get the kind of service you deserve.