Letter from the President

Assembling a large industrial fan

July 19, 2017

Dear Friends,

Robinson Fans takes great pride in celebrating its 125th year of providing industry with high quality air-moving equipment.  Our team’s dedication to continuous improvement, quality and service enables Robinson Fans to serve our customers for such a significant period of time.

As we move forward at Robinson, we will maintain our foundation.  Our habits of unrivaled quality and customer service will continue, even as we push to find more ways to build in quality in a way the customer desires.  Robinson’s history includes many relationships; relationships with customers, relationships with vendors, relationships with our teammates and relationships with the communities we’re part of.  Relationship building has been and will continue to part of what makes Robinson, Robinson.

Even as we maintain our foundation, we will continue to build and improve upon it, pushing the boundaries of innovation and technological advancement.  Robinson’s team continues to research and devise new solutions for customers’ problems.

Robinson is also proud to announce that in the last few months, we’ve added to our family.  We welcome and look to build on the strength of Robinson Machine, a custom fabrication and machine shop. 

Additionally, we have realigned our company structure to a team-based model, working to continuously improve our work flow.  Our priority is to continuously improve our service to our customers and vendors, building on our knowledge and experience.  Our team is committed to continuing our tradition and building our future.

We look forward to celebrating this milestone year and are eager to see what is to come.  We will remain dedicated to improving, within our teams and as individuals, while maintaining our traditions of quality, service excellence and relationship.


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Tricia Staible