Predict. Detect. Identify. Correct. Prevent. Before a fan problem becomes a catastrophe.

No matter what kind of air-moving equipment you operate, Robinson Fans Service is your most important resource to keep it running at peak efficiency.  Robinson Fans Service completes most diagnostic and repair operations on site, so that you are spared excess downtime, expense and inconvenience.  In most cases, a turnkey repair job takes only a matter of days. Our technicians arrive fully equipped to diagnose your problem and then service or repair your fan and auxiliary equipment regardless of size, application or manufacturer.

Turnkey capabilities…Robinson Service offers a range of services and equipment that distinguishes us from the competition and provides you the convenience of full turnkey capabilities with one phone call.

  • Computer finite element stress analysis and nondestructive testing procedures precisely determine the causes of equipment failure and help us to correct them.
  • Repair, field balancing and testing of the fan itself puts you back in operation as quickly as possible.
  • The design and manufacturing capabilities of Robinson Fans with its sophisticated design and production facilities can also be accessed by Robinson Fans Service when your situation requires it.


Robinson Service technicians arrive at your site in one of our six trucks fully equipped with heavy rigging, welding and nondestructive testing equipment, including magnaflux, ultrasonic and liquid dye penetrant capabilities.

Tight tolerances are crucial in alignment of the drive motor to the fan wheel. For this reason, our crews use laser alignment machines to accomplish a perfect alignment, even on belt-driven fans. 

Gerald Gann, General Manager
24-hour hotline: (205) 655-8312