Robinson Fans Preventative Service Program allows the customer to contract and pre-schedule service for its industrial fan.  Normally the service visits are scheduled during the plants regular shut-down.

Our preventative service program has an encompassing scope of work including fan external inspection, fan internal inspection, bearing inspection, power transmission condition, accessory item inspections.  The Program includes additional onsite services, such as balancing, coupling, alignment, operation and maintenance training and report preparation.

While our field service technician is at the customer’s  site, a fan external inspection may include a general overall exterior inspection and inspection of the fan foundation, fan casing external, expansion joint inspection and inspection of damper linkage, bearing, fan shaft seal and check of the fastener torque and duct work support.

The fan internal inspection performed by Robinson’s field service technician would include a fan rotor visual inspection and a review of any third party non-destructive examination results on rotating equipment, if applicable, and a check of the interior of the inlet box, fan inlet piece, running clearances, scroll inspection, cutoff, wear liners and other internal parts of the fan casing.

The preventative service program allows the customer to determine the down time and, when possible, to choose the field service technician who will maintain the customer’s fan in top running condition.  For more information, please contact our Field Service Department at 724-452-6121.