Case Study 2 – Increased Performance

Welding custom industrial fans

Case Study 2 – Increased Performance


The customer needed more performance from a boiler Forced Draft Fan and wished to go to a constant speed drive motor over the turbine drive they had. They wanted to accomplish this by using all of the existing equipment that could be converted.


Robinson Industries designed new components to adapt existing equipment (which was from another manufacturer), with only slight modifications to the housing. Robinson Fans Service and Equipment Company, Inc. relocated the casing cutoff, removed the outlet damper vanes, installed the new and larger fan wheel, two variable vane inlet dampers, pedestals, bearings, and relocated and reused the existing outlet damper control actuator to drive the new variable vane inlet dampers. Modifications to the concrete motor foundation were also made to accept a constant speed motor in place of the original turbine with a higher center line.


Our customer was able to achieve the added performance they required from this unit without the cost of all new equipment. They were also able to achieve this by using one vendor with the capabilities to design, fabricate and field install all the components necessary.