Case Study 5 – Boiler ID

Welding custom industrial fans

Case Study 5 – Boiler ID


Our customer lost his Boiler House l.D. Fan due to faulty roller bearings, resulting in an overheated and bent shaft. Since this fan was installed, there had been new equipment placed around it in a fashion which would have made removing the wheel through the original removal housing section very difficult and time consuming.


Robinson Service personnel arrived and examined the situation. Our project manager decided to make a new removable section and come out through the back side. This way, only a couple of pieces of ductwork had to be removed. New flanges were added to this section and bolted together for future use. Once out, the damaged wheel was loaded on a waiting truck and taken to Robinson Fans, where a new replacement shaft had already been made, while the field crew was working to remove the original wheel and shaft assembly from the fan. The new shaft was installed into the wheel and the assembly was trucked back to the plant for the field crew to install.


The fan wheel was put back into the housing and put back into operation. After a “touch up” balance was made, this unit was back into full swing with no further complications. All of this was achieved in four (4) days. Our customer originally expected it to take that long just to take the fan wheel out. It has been running for well over a year, trouble-free.