Custom-Built to Your Standards. Over-Built to Ours.

Every application is different when it comes to industrial fans, and at Robinson Fans we never take the cookie-cutter approach. Our industry experts take the time to thoroughly analyze all of our customers’ system requirements so we can provide cost-efficient solutions for your particular application, whether it is an industrial fan, damper, blower or exhauster.

The Condition of Your Fan Doesn’t Matter. Until One Day It Does.

If your fan is showing signs of wear, corrosion, abrasion or unbalance, Robinson Fans can help. Robinson Service provides on-site service, maintenance, testing and repair for all industrial air moving equipment, regardless of its manufacturer. Repair and rebuild services are also available for any fan shipped to one of its conveniently located manufacturing facilities. Whatever the difficulty, Robinson will have you up and running in no time.

Air Foil
Axial Flow
Backward Curve
Backwardly Inclined
BLO Bearings
Forward Curve
Industrial Dampers
Industrial Exhausters
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Radial Blade
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Surgeless Centrifugal Blowers