Paper & Wood Products


Heavy Industrial fans for Paper AND Wood Plants

Robinson Fans has vast experience in the paper and wood products industry. We supply critical fans for a variety of applications within this industry, some of which are high-temperature, dirty and or/highly corrosive environments.

We supply boiler-forced draft fans, combustion air fans, and other wood product process fans for the wood products industry. And in the paper and pulp industry, we supply fans for the Through Air Drying (TAD) and Yankee Hood Applications.


Blade Wear Replacement

A paper company’s bark boiler lD fan showed significant blade wear to the extent that a reliable fix was not possible. In less than twenty-four (24) hours from the order, the blades were measured, ordered and in our hands for installation.

Increased Performance

This customer requested increased performance for a boiler forced draft fan. Robinson Industries designed new components to adapt existing equipment (which was from another manufacturer) with only slight modifications to the housing.


A continuously bothersome vibration problem with a 49-1/2″ diameter overhung centrifugal fan. Even though the fan was in a nearly inaccessible location, our crew of three men accomplished the change-out, realignment, assembly and trim balance in less than two days.