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When conditions are tough you need a reliable centrifugal fan to be the heart of your system. Our custom-designed, air moving equipment is engineered for any application or industry while maintaining the level of quality Robinson stands behind. For more information, request a quote and a Robinson Fans representative will contact you.

Non-Overloading Fan Designs

Fan Designs for Critical Applications


In heavy-duty equipment applications, centrifugal blowers need to perform consistently and reliably. While most conventional blowers perform well at normal pressures, they’ll fall short in a surge. Robinson’s surgeless blower, however, delivers stability over a wide range of pressure fluctuations, eliminating surge and its damaging effects.

Engineers have worked to resolve the challenge presented by surges. Recirculating air internally or redirecting excess air to an external vent are common attempts, but these continue to waste valuable energy and simply aren’t reliable.

Robinson’s surgeless centrifugal blower reduces pressure fluctuations to 10 percent, or less, of the blower’s static pressure, eliminating surge during the “turndown” that many applications require. Consistent performance across a range of pressures means less downtime and reduced costs.

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How to Find the Right Fan

  1. Find the required static pressure and volume in the shaded area on the upper section of the selection chart on page 4.
  2. Follow up from this point along the corresponding system resistance curve until it intersects a fan curve. Several arbitrary system resistance curves are shown dotted for reference.
  3. The intersected curve represents the performance of the blower size required. The point of intersection will be the actual operating performance of the blower in your system.
  4. Read straight down from this point to the corresponding BHP curve on the lower section of the selection chart. The point of intersection shows the actual BHP that the blower will require in operating your system.

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