Internal fan measurement


Robinson Fans maintains its reputation as a company with high standards for quality products. Customers have come to recognize Robinson for its advanced, thorough design and testing procedures, which include computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, finite element analysis (FEA) and rotordynamics analyses, as well as physical model testing in the company’s AMCA-accredited laboratory.

Employing CFD analysis, Robinson Fans recently developed an innovative coal mill exhauster with significant improvements over the traditional “whizzer wheel” design. Used to move pulverized coal to burners in the power, cement and lime industries, Robinson’s new backward-curve design showed an improvement of more than 20 percent in static pressure. The groundbreaking design reduced the amount of wear, which is a chronic problem in coal mill exhauster applications.

With CFD and FEA capabilities, Robinson Fans played a vital role in the successful extension of the world’s deepest nickel mine in Sudbury, Canada. Teaming with mining-leader Inco Limited and construction management expert Hatch Associates, Robinson designed, manufactured and tested three centrifugal fans that allow ventilation to reach new depths in the Creighton Mine.

Robinson Fans continues to expand its reach into new industries, such as pollution control and food processing, in addition to mining, pulp and paper, cement, chemical process, steel and power.