Robinson Labs

Custom fan wheel construction

R&D Lab and Testing Facilities

Robinson utilizes our AMCA accredited laboratory for model and production testing, while our finite element and computational fluid dynamics simulation capabilities are leveraged for upstream equipment design.

The Robinson Research Department continually strives to develop new fan designs of high efficiency over a wide range of operating demands in order to expand the product range available to Robinson’s customers.

The Research Team’s ongoing mission is to expand and improve Robinson’s laboratory capabilities through innovative design, collaboration with manufacturing, reduced time to market product development and analytical and empirical testing of prototype fan units for air performance and sound.

The Robinson Research Team prides itself on the workmanship and achievements of its members and strives to provide a higher standard of living for our families, our team and our company.

  • AMCA Accredited for Air Performance Testing.
  • Laboratory is staffed by three technicians, a lab engineer and a R&D engineer.

Lab Capabilities Include:

  • Air Performance, Sound and Resonant Impact Testing
  • Customer retrofit scale model testing
  • Electrical Capacity to Run Motors up to 700 HP VFD
  • Variable Frequency Drive Voltages from 230V to 4160V
  • System Modeling, Furnace / Diffuser Prototype Optimization, Flow Visualization Studies

Lab Testing

  • Modal Analysis and Structural Analysis using impact testing and FFT narrow band analysis.
  • Mechanical Run testing to verify acceptable vibration and 2-Plane balance.
  • Velocity profile testing and 3-D contour surface visualization.
  • Machine diagnostics by use of vibration measurement and analysis.
  • Customer retrofit scale model testing.

Sound Testing

  • Robinson Fans performs Sound Testing in accordance with AMCA Standard 300-05.