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HEAVY INDUSTRial FANS FOR cement plants

The rock products industry requires custom-engineered solutions to meet its ventilation process and air-movement requirements. To keep air conditions clean and cool, Robinson Fans’ experienced and knowledgeable technical team can recommend solutions that meet the specifications of any cement plant installation.

Raw Mill Fan for Cement Plant
136-inch diameter, 4000 Horsepower, 470,000 ACFM raw mill fan for a cement producer in Michigan


ID Fan Upgrade

A cement manufacturer’s kiln-induced draft fan would continuously “trip out” due to excessive vibration. Robinson Fans ran diagnostic testing and support system analysis to make an ID fan upgrade for this concrete manufacturer. 

Raw Mill Fan Replacement

A concrete plant was experiencing a buildup of process material on the blades of their 117” raw mill fan. Robinson Fans tested different blade angles to conclude that replacing the raw mill fan with a backward curved fan wheel would be the best solution.

Preheater Fan Base Improvement

This cement plant’s preheater fan kept shutting down every two to four weeks. By conducting a series of vibration tests, Robinson Fans found that improving the fan’s support structure base and pedestals would resolve the flexing.

Fan Blade Repair and Hub Bolt Replacement

A concrete manufacturer called on Robinson Fans to inspect fan output. The service team recommended fan blade repairs, new center plate wear pads and hub bolt covers.