Case 1: Mining Industry

Custom fan manufacturing

Case 1: Mining Industry

The customer experienced catastrophic failure of a 93” induced draft fan on a Thermal Dryer system. The fan was subjected to extreme heat that was far beyond its specified designed range for an undetermined length of time. The result was total destruction of the entire fan wheel, housing, inlet dampers and drive.


A Robinson field technician visited the job site to make an evaluation of damages and take measurements. A new fan housing and inlet dampers were built on a rush basis by Robinson Fans, while the removal of the old fan and prep work were coordinated at the site by Robinson Service. Upon arrival of the replacement fan equipment, Robinson Service then installed the new components. The fan was put back into service.


By contacting Robinson, with its affiliated companies which offer total “wraparound” service, the customer was able to place one phone call and have all phases of the case quickly and efficiently resolved. Robinson’s integrated capabilities of technical service, quality fabrication and complete field installation, enabled the customer to restart the Thermal Dryer process within the minimum time period.