Case 2: Waste to Energy Industry

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Waste to Energy | Midwest Incinerator Plant


The incinerator had a 70″ overhung fan pulling from a wet scrubber that self-destructed due to either chemical attack or faulty welds. This facility has two furnaces; there fore, the loss of this fan reduced their incineration tonnage in half.


Robinson had personnel in the area who went to the job site and took the information necessary to provide two (2) total turnkey projects. A new fan wheel of Hastelloy C-276 was installed in the housing which was completely rubber lined. This was to overcome the chemical attack. Robinson Fans Service installed all new equipment along with new ductwork (also supplied by Robinson) in five (5) ten-hour shifts.


All new equipment, from the outlet of the wet scrubber to the stack inlet, was provided by Robinson Fans and Robinson Service and installed at the site. The end result was a quieter, smoother and more efficient fan system, all from Robinson.